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lighting hire Scotland,sound hire Scotland
ighting hire Scotland,sound hire Scotland
ighting hire Scotland,sound hire Scotland

 Management Ser​vice

If you have an event idea and you aren't sure where to begin, then we can help.  Let us help you!  With over 15 years service already to the events industry we have a vast array of experience and contacts that can help with every aspect of your event.

As well as events management we also cater for tour and venue management, taking our teams knowledge and expertise directly to your venue, wherever  that may be.

PA , Lighting & AV

As the company's roots are in PA & Lighting we are adept at designing, rigging and operating everything from a torch and mp3 player to todays most advanced lighting and sound systems.

  With a wide array of generic and intelligent lighting fixtures at our disposal as well as PA systems to cover everything from a back garden BBQ , to  concert audiences of up to 40,000,  together with AV solutions for any event, it really does make us your one stop shop.

Special FX

Our special FX come in various sizes, shapes and guises.  We provide pyrotechnic FX from leading brands and often provide to dance and performing arts groups as well as hotels and nightclubs, covering everything from small displays to intricate & complex pyrotechnic shows.

We also provide performer flying equipment for whenever you feel like flying high.   Call us now to discuss your special FX needs.


Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk​


​"Greig is a very bright, knowledgeable and approachable professional.  I have referred him to various clients who have been very impressed with his ability to cut to the chase and deliver top results at a very competitive rate.  Greig is very passionate about always doing the best for his clients and I have no hesitation in recommending him."

Fred Best - R.I.T.E

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